Perfect Bovine Gelatin - Collagen Protein Sourced Exclusively From Brazilian Pasture Raised Grass Fed Cows (23.3 OZ)


Gelatin from Brazilian Grass-fed Pasture Raised Cows

Collagen is the primary building block of many structures in the human body. It is necessary for building the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons that hold the body together. Perfect Bovine Collagen is 100% pure beef collagen providing a nutrient dense protein boost enabling many functions in the body such as: • Preventing bone loss • Gelatin from grass fed cows in a field with a cow. • Strengthening connective tissues • Supporting firm, younger looking skin • Maintaining muscle strength • Curbing appetite • Encouraging a healthy metabolism • Assisting with digestion and gut integrity • Decreasing inflammation • Optimizing brain function • Allowing deeper, more refreshing sleep Perfect Bovine Gelatin is perfect for making gummies, gelatin desserts, marshmallos, soups, custards and more! More than 90% protein! 660 gm bottle with 60 11gm scoops