Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Original Formula 30 Count 3 Year Fermented Food Supplement with Probiotics, Prebiotics, and PostBiotics

  • A SUPER EFFECTIVE, ALL NATURAL PROBIOTIC that is fermented for 3 years producing a probiotic like no other on the market today. Twelve strains of live culture bacteria, never freeze dried, together with PREBIOTICS and POSTBIOTICS (read below) provide proven benefits that accomplish ‘Rapid Microbiome Repair’ and help resolve digestive issues.
  • STAY HEALTHY. A proven stomach acid-resistant capsule delivers these 12 strains of live culture bacteria to your colon. Bacteria that help you digest food and support immune response. The three-year fermentation encourages survival of the strongest bacteria and makes the probiotics shelf-stable without refrigeration.
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR PROBIOTIC BACTERIA. The capsule also includes prebiotics, the non-digestible carbohydrates which are the perfect food for your probiotic bacteria, encouraging your body’s innate ability to grow its own friendly bacteria.
  • IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF YOUR COLON. The post-biotics metabolites, encapsulated together with the probiotics and prebiotics, which the probiotic bacteria have been producing during three years of fermentation, include vitamins, amino acids, short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), immune system-enhancing compounds, detoxifying agents, cell signaling compounds, and many other beneficial substances which support digestive function, whole health and improve the pH of your colon.
  • SUPPORTS NUTRIENT ABSORPTION AND A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM through this unique combination of prebiotics, probiotics and post-biotics that does not include artificial additives, chemicals, preservatives, coloring, flavoring, animal by-products, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Non-GMO and 100% vegetarian. Hypoallergenic (no dairy or gluten). Guaranteed free of soil-based organisms (SBOs).